Let’s Get This Out of the Way!

Hello, everyone! I’m Selena and this is my blog for honestly who even knows. I have sort of an idea for what I want to do here, but the gist of what I want to talk about is fashion, beauty, and film in those contexts.Β Please subscribe or follow or whatever the term is here (I have yet to fully explore the site) if you are interested in any of those things!

General Info:

I am 19 years old, I live in the desert. My favorite color is cobalt, lavender, and silver. I’m not an expert at any sort of makeup application, I’m just a regular ol’ dabbler. Some of my favorite films are Penelope, Jawbreaker, Marie Antoinette, Moonrise Kingdom, Her, and (500) Days of Summer. My favorite arts styles are Impressionism, Art-Deco, and Pre-Raphaelite. Some of my favorite designers include Vivienne Westwood, Ashish, Moschino, Anna Sui, Miu Miu, Rodarte, Nanette Lepore, just to name a few.


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