LORAC Alter Ego Free Spirit Palette Swatches + Review

Long time no blog! I still can’t find any swatches of this random LORAC palette anywhere on the internet, so I’m going to be the person to swatch ’em! For reference, I am the shade Y375 in the MUFE Ultra HD foundation. I would describe my skin color as yellow-based medium tan, however the interior of my forearm is much paler so you may take that with a grain of salt. Enough blabbering, let’s get swatching!

lorac palette

The shadows don’t have names, so I just numbered them.

lorac 1

The only true matte in the left side is #4, it’s a flat chocolate brown. #1 and #3 seem more like satin finishes, they have a very slight sheen to them. I would describe #1 as a yellow-based apricot and #3 as warm-toned champagne. The remaining shades, #2 and #5, are shimmer/pearl shades, #5 could be a frost. #2 is a soft bronze color and #5 is a super shiny off-white/cream color. The shades I have trouble building up are #1 and #3, they get a little bit chalky and patchy. #4 builds up nicely to that chocolate color, it’s much lighter as a single layer. My favorite shade in the bunch is #2, it’s really velvety and smooth, it applied the best.

lorac 2

#6 is a satin mauve with silver micro-glitters, #7 is a warm orchid pearl, #8 is a blue-based satin lilac, #9 is a dark indigo satin, and #10 is a blue-toned white frost. I wouldn’t call any of these matte, even though #8/#9 in the pan definitely look matte. I would say the best shade here is #10, it’s very pigmented, you don’t need to build it up, really smooth, even application. Personally, it’s too cool tone for my coloring, but this is definitely the best shade application wise. The micro-glitters in #6 are fall out city and #8 is so chalky and poorly pigmented. #9 applies very patchy, it’s not very pigmented and it just sort of looks dusty. #7 is good, it’s decently pigmented and it builds up nicely. I like #6 enough to work with it, I feel like it’s a very unique shade and pairs nicely with brown eyes.

lorac 3

Different undertones.

Overall I wouldn’t call this a must-buy. It has some nice everyday shades, but I feel like the shades meant to really make this palette special are just sort of lackluster. I like it and most of the shades are nice, if it interests you, snatch it up. The only place I’ve seen it for sale is on Hautelook, as described in my first post.

What have you tried from LORAC? Do you have any of the LORAC Alter Ego palettes? Let me know in the comments below?


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