Influenster Bloom VoxBox

Hello, everyone! I’ve been on Influenster for about two years and every now and then I qualify for a voxbox. A voxbox is a box Influenster sends you for FREE to review either a curated group of products or sometimes it’s just 1 item. Anyone can join Influenster and receive free items to review and share online, you don’t have to be a blogger or a Youtuber. I received the Bloom Voxbox complementary for testing purposes and all opinions are my own (which is pretty obvious once you read my reviews). Let’s get into the products!

I received 6 different products in the Bloom Voxbox, although unfortunately I only remembered to photograph 4 items. The missing item is Secret Outlast Xtend deodorant/antiperspirant in Completely Clean, which was sitting in my bathroom cabinet during my little photo sessions. Oops!


I’m going to get the deodorant/antiperspirant out of the way now that I’ve mentioned it. Secret is actually my Holy Grail deodorant brand. I always use the Secret pH Balanced Deodorant in Shower Fresh, so I was a little wary trying the new Outlast Xtend line as I was certain nothing would ever measure up to my pH balanced love. I feel like it does prevent any odor, but I don’t care for the scent of it. It’s practically unscented which Completely Clean is not meant to be, there’s an actual unscented option. This is a true antiperspirant, you really don’t sweat at all wearing this, but it gets sort of moist when you would be sweating. It’s a very curious feeling and I don’t like it. The whole point of an antiperspirant is to prevent underarm moisture and I think this kind of fails in that respect, even though I’m not sweating, the product itself produces a moist sensation. If you see it in stores, skip it!

Next is Sunbelt Bakery’s Fudge Dipped Chocolate Chip Chewy Granola Bars. I ate this immediately after that first photo because I love Sunbelt Bakery granola bars. They are always so moist and chewy, honestly the perfect granola bar. My favorites are the chocolate chip ones because it has the perfect amount of chocolate in it. That’s where these Fudge Dipped Chocolate Chip ones go wrong. It’s simply too much chocolate. The shell around isn’t thick, it’s just that it’s one note only. I still recommend this brand, though. They have a lot of varieties and are just SO CHEWY!


I keep receiving Not Your Mother‘s products in my voxboxes that I, ironically, pass on to my mother because they don’t suit my hair type. I don’t have fine or thin hair. I have thick, dense hair and really wasn’t expecting this to work for me but I tried it anyway. The weight of my hair tends to leave me with a lot of flatness at the roots. The bottle says to spray in your hands and rub on your strands, root to tip. Notice the claims on the bottle? Volumizes, strengthens, LUXURIOUS SHINE? Why on earth are they telling you to put it on your roots? It made my hair look so greasy and stringy, omg. The concept of this product just doesn’t make sense to me, to add volume and shine. It smells nice but it’s a pass for me.


Sinful Colors Slay Grey from the King Kylie Collection (after 1 week of wear)

Influenster actually sent me the shade All the Rage from the Sinful Colors Gel Techline but I wanted one from the Kylie collections since that’s what they were plugging in the box. I went out and bought the shade Slay Grey from the King Kylie Collection. I received All the Rage in one of my last voxboxes too and I hate the color, hate the formula. It’s super thick, doesn’t self level and it takes forever to dry. Back then I also went out and bought a different shade, Prosecco, and I really loved that shade. Slay Grey is a grey crelly polish with gold shimmer. It is very similar to the Gel Tech shade Prosecco, in fact I’m willing to bet it it’s the exact same formula just with a different color pigment. Prosecco is a taupe crelly with gold shimmer. Slay Grey, like Prosecco, goes on very smooth, reaches full opacity at two coats, and doesn’t chip easily. I like Sinful Colors nail polishes, some of them are better than others, though.


Cutex One-Step Pads with Advanced Revival Nail Polish Remover

At first use I HATED these Cutex pads, they barely removed any nail polish and left my nails super dry. These DO NOT work well with glitter! Seriously, don’t even try it. However, I gave them another try with 10 different nail polishes (an upcoming post) and I actually really liked them. You have to work fast because the pads dry up fast. They’re soaked with product, it just evaporates really quickly. I think it’s a pretty unavoidable flaw, though.  The pads are thick and abrasive but still gentle and doesn’t irritate the cuticles. I actually got all 10 fingers off on just one side so then I just rewet the other side with my own remover and removed my toe nail polish as well. I ended up pleasantly impressed by the Cutex One-Step Pads and might actually consider adding these to my nail routine.


Speaking of my nail routine, last is a product that was a welcome change in my nail routine. It’s the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse, a multi-purpose dry oil. The name is French, it means prodigious oil. Nuxe literally named their product “extraordinary oil”. Whenever I remove my nail polish I always wash my hands and then apply some sort of oil or nail cream. I’m not very picky and just use whatever I find. This was a pretty luxurious treat for my nails and cuticles, they drank it right up. My nails themselves feel softer and smoother than they have in awhile and my cuticles looks so healthy and moisturized. I like this but not for the price tag. The full size costs $29. I haven’t tried this on my face or body, I really don’t care for the feel of oil on my skin. It was too slick for my hair and never fully absorbed. I can’t justify $29 for cuticle oil. So this is a pass for me, simply because for the purpose I’d use it for there are better, more cost-effective options out there. Maybe you can find $30 worth of usage out of it but I can’t.

I know a lot of people tend to take Influenster reviews with a grain of salt because they think we’ll give more favorable reviews to keep getting free stuff, but just like with every other thing I review or talk about on this blog I am 100% honest about what I really think about these products. I’m just a small nobody on the internet, these companies don’t really care WHAT I’m saying, just that I’m talking about their product at all. I will never lie to you get free products, I would hate to cause someone else to waste their hard-earned money, just as I know I’ve been swindled  by some paid-off dishonest reviews.

Have you reviewed products on Influenster? Did you receive the Bloom Voxbox? Have you tried any of these products? Let me know in the comments below!  🙂


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