Top 10: Summer Nail Polishes

Hey, guys! It’s been scorching summer weather where I live for a few months now but summer trends are officially starting to pop up! I’m not really a seasonal beauty kind of person and right now I’m only allowed to wear neutral colors at work, but I thought it would be fun to go through my ever-expanding nail polish collection and pick out some of my favorite bold polishes for summer. Mainly so I can dream about actually wearing some of these at SOME point during summer. Heh, maybe when I take my vacation days…..

hands edited

Left hand: various corals, pinks, oranges     Right hand: mints and jewel tones

On my left hand I chose a smattering of traditional summer colors, your standards corals and vivid pinks. On my right hand I elected for some contemporary summer colors, a couple fresh mints and unexpected jewel tones.

left hand edited

On my left hand: Thumb (1), Index (5), Middle (4), Ring (2), Pinky (3)

1.) Julep Polly– A sheer fuchsia jelly with a blue flash. This is a unique color to my collection as I’m not very fond of blue-based pinks or jelly finishes. I make the exception for this Julep polish as it’s a very unexpected pink, with a vivid blue flash to it. The jelly finish keeps the pink from being overwhelming and lends it a touch of softness. It applies really silky and thin with no streak marks, and a glossy finish.

2.) Essie Peachside Babe– A mid-tone watermelon pink creme. Normally I try to stay away from Essie polishes because I feel like their formula is very hit-or-miss (usually leaning towards miss but I digress), but I saw this during the 20% off sale and fell in love with the name. I’m a sucker for a cute name. Peachside Babe actually isn’t terrible, just a simple two-coater. It’s cute and not too fussy.

3.) Pure Ice Dollface– A vivid apricot creme. Dollface is seriously bright and in your face, I thought it would be a more muted pastel. It’s streaky on the first coat but the second coat really smooths it out.

4.) L’Oreal Tangerine Crush– Ahh, the high school memories. I’m pretty sure I wore this shade all of my sophomore year and following summer. I was a girl obsessed. I don’t see where L’Oreal gets off calling this a tangerine. I would say it’s a watermelon pink creme with just a HINT of orange to it. I remember this polish being a mess to apply in high school and it totally still is. Something about the formula is just so thick and the brush is just so thin, not a great combo.

5.) Aurora Safety Orange– A neon orange semi-matte. This is seriously the color of traffic cones and it’s blindingly bright. I’ve never seen such an intense neon in my life and I was a middle schooler during the neon craze of the late aughts, okay? I’ve seen a lot of neons in my years as baby alt kid. I really don’t care for the gross semi-matte finish neon polishes tend to have so I put a glossy topcoat on top.

right polishes edited

On my right hand: Thumb (1), Index (4), Middle (5), Ring (3), Pinky (2)

1.) Sonia Kashuk Roll with the Punches– A sheer royal blue jelly. I really wanted this to be an opaque creme. It’s really, really not. It is buildable, though, and since it’s my favorite color and it comes in super cute packaging I’m gonna let it slide. It glides right on, so I can’t complain too much.

2.) Essence Let’s Get Lost– A bright blue creme. I have such a hard time describing this color, it’s not a teal and it’s not a sky blue and it’s not a turquoise. I’ve looked at like a million nail polish posts and nobody knows what to call this color, cool. Anyway, it’s really pretty and bold, it goes on super opaque. It has a paddle brush and it’s a total one coat wonder. This polish totally stains your nails, though. And your cuticles.

3.) Essie Turquoise and Caicos– Ah, a true classic. I remember everyone used to raveeeee about this color. It’s such a summer basic and yet, will you believe this is my very first bottle of it that I just barely bought in May? I wore this so much in high school but it was never my own, I’d constantly borrow it from my best friend. This polish brings back memories of summer sleepovers and borrowed bikinis. I remember being so frustrated with the formula but this bottle is perfect and smooth. Also, am I on drugs or is everyone else? Because I have never ever seen this color as turquoise. It’s a celadon, I have a ring made out of jade and they’re very similar colors, how on earth is this color turquoise? /rant

4.) Julep Julep (5226/Color of the Year)- A dark purple orchid creme. I have two exact color matches for it. One is Ikea’s full blossom/lilac candle. The other Wet N Wild Who Is Ultra Violet?, a slightly thinner formula. The Julep requires only 2 coats for perfect opacity while the WNW requires 3 coats, but at $13 cheaper (not to mention cheaper) and with a way cuter name…. Well, this color was kind of foisted on me anyway, when I forgot to cancel my trial with Julep. I think this purple is really unexpected for summer but it looks really pretty in the sunlight.

5.) Essie Going Guru– A lime sorbet creme. I love this color, it’s so unique and funky. I saw it here and HAD to have it. It is streaky and hard to apply, and everything I hate about Essie polishes. [I know this post is Essie heavy but I own 6 Essie polishes and 4 of them were bought within the past month, this is v new for me]. It’s so crisp and modern.

both hands edited

One last shot of everyone.

What are you favorite summer nail polishes? Love or hate any of my picks? Sound off in the comments below!


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