Colourpop Haul & Review: Lippie Stix, Ultra Matte & Ultra Satin Lips

Hey, guys! I’m finally sharing this haul from all the way back in April, during Colourpop’s 20% off sale. None of them are limited edition so everything you lust over here, you can totally purchase for yourself!


Clockwise: Highlighter, Ultra Matte, Lippie Pencil, Ultra Satin, Matte X Lippie, Ultra Satin, Lippie Pencil

I bought 1 lippie stix, 2 ultra satin lips, 1 ultra matte lip, 2 lippie pencils, and 1 highlighter. The lippie stix retail for $5.00, the ultra satin/ultra matte lips for $6.00, lippie pencils for $5.00, and highlighters for $8.00. Flate rate shipping for the United States is $4.99 & you can use the code THANKSBABE to receive $5.00 off, one time only & not during a sale.


Gotta love that holographic packaging, am I right?

My favorite items were the ultra satin and ultra matte lips. A lot of people complain about how dry the Ultra Matte Lips are, and I agree, if you do not take the proper lip care beforehand, they are very drying. However, I’m a lip balm addict and am constantly slathering my lips in EOS mint lip balm. I find that layering lip balm under the Ultra Matte keeps my lips from feeling like the Sahara, without affecting the formula. They do not transfer, they do not smear or smudge, and they last on the lips for several hours without getting patchy. When they fade, they do leave a lipliner ring. I really liked the Ultra Matte, they might be my second favorite liquid lipstick formulation. The shade I picked up is Bumble, a dark terracotta rose.


Top to bottom: Lyin’ King, Bumble, Echo Park

I also enjoyed the Ultra Satin Lips, they’re actually more comfortable than the Ultra Mattes. I don’t have to do the lip balm trick with them, they feel quite plush on the lips. I didn’t have any interest in trying these until my friend Michelle told me about them. The shade Lyin’ King looked so great on her, I had to try them. I got the shades Lyin’ King and Echo Park. I wanted the shade Magic Wand but I was afraid it might be too light for me. I was seriously obsessed with Echo Park for all of May, it became my everyday lip product. It’s the perfect My Lips But Better (MLBB) shade and it fades nicely. Note on packaging: almost all of the silver script faded and got scratched away within two weeks of carrying it around in my on-the-go makeup bag.


Top to bottom: Skimpy, Love Life, Bull Chic

I only picked up two lippie pencils for two specific reasons. I have this black glossy lipstick from Wet N Wild that I never wear because it’s so high maintenance and I have no matching lipliners (does anyone really have black lipliner lying around?) so I HAD to pick up the Bull Chic lippie pencil. Also, I can never find a truly nude lipliner in stores so I got the Skimpy lippie pencil because it seemed like the perfect nude color. I don’t like the packaging on these, they are not automatic (twist up) and you have to sharpen to get more product. It feels weird shaving the plastic casing off and I generally detest pencil lipliners because they’re messy and waste product. I won’t be buying anymore lippie pencils, even though these two did serve the purpose I wanted and apply nicely. I just don’t care for the hassle and I don’t like that they’re the same price as a lipstick from the same company for way less product. I’d rather buy an automatic Rimmel liner in stores for about four bucks, cheaper & more product.


Clockwise: Bull Chic, Skimpy, Love Life

The last lip product I purchased was right after it launched and I sort of got swept up in the hype. It’s the Matte X Lippie in Love Life, which I honestly picked because I loved the name. Always getting suckered in by cute names. I haven’t tried this yet but I’m nervous that it might be too dry because when I swatched it on my arm, the lippie really dragged. I will up date this post once I’ve tried it.


ColourPop Highlighter in Butterfly Beach

The last thing I purchased is a highlighter.  I got the shade Butterfly Beach hoping it would be close to the new(ish) Light Source highlighter from LORAC called Moonlight, a peachy pink pearl. It’s not that close, Butterfly Beach is more golden tone, but it’s more flattering for my skin color so it works out. I use a flat synthetic brush to apply this, it’s what works best. It’s not a powder, it’s a cream formula. It has the same wet, cool, bouncy feel as their eye shadows. It gives me a very natural, lit-from-within look and lasts several hours. I really liked this, it’s the first highlighter I’ve bought that I actually frequently use.

I’m itching to try out some more ColourPop stuff but I want to wait until they release a new lip product. As you can probably tell, lip products are my favorite things to amass. ColourPop has some really innovative products and I can’t wait to see what they release next! What Colourpop products have you tried? Any of these catch your attention? Let me know in the comments below! 😊

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