August 2016 Ipsy Glam Bag Review

Hello, everyone! Long time, no blog. I feel like I say that at the start of every blog post but I spend forever on these blog posts trying to make them perfect, but excuses, excuses! I was very excited about the August Glam Bag from the very first sneak peek Ipsy shared, so let’s get into it, shall we?

ipsy screen

First sneak peek of the bag.

This is going to be a long, winded review. Skip down to the bottom for a quick overview and the products used on my face.

august ipsy products

August 2016: Sugar Highness


1.) Organic Surge Perfecting Face Polish: An organic physical exfoliant from a British cruelty-free brand, the full size (75mL) will run you $9.11 USD. I hate this stuff. It’s made from “finely ground olive stones”, which basically means large chunky pieces of olive pit. It’s very similar to those terrible St. Ives scrubs that shred your skin to bits. I only used this on my face once, the rest of the tube will be saved for rough spots of my body that can take the abrasive bits of olive pit, like my knees or elbows. Also, it’s fragrance-free but smells overwhelmingly of lemons (from the lemon oil, obvi). Pass on the product, still interested in the brand. I saw this lavender night cream and ooh….

organic surge scrub

See the chunkiness?

2.) Beauty For Real I-Line 24-7 Eyeliner in Black Magic: A black automatic gel liner from a cruelty-free brand. The full size (maybe 0.28g?*) will set you back $14 USD. I’ve never heard of this brand but that’s usually the case with Ipsy. This eyeliner is so soft, it falls apart as I’m applying it. I’ll be sweeping it across my lash line and it’ll leave behind little chunks of eyeliner. You’re supposed to be able to smudge it for about 10 seconds but I found that it doesn’t smudge beyond a certain point, it doesn’t blend further away from the original smudge (if that makes ANY sense at all). I didn’t like this on my lower lashline, even smudged it looked too harsh. It is super pigmented, though, I will give it that.

*I can’t find any information on the brand’s website about this, so this measurement comes from the Ipsy website. I THINK this sample might be full sized but sometimes it’s hard to tell with pencil eyeliners.
liner swatches

Smudged on the left.

3.) NYX Born to Glow Illuminator in Gleam: A pink toned liquid highlighter from a cruelty-free brand, the full size (18 mL) costs $7.50 USD. I was super excited when I saw this in the bag because I’ve always wanted to try these. I really liked the texture of this and how easily it spread without disturbing my foundation. This shade isn’t very flattering on me because of how cool-toned it is. It’s an easy shimmer with no messy glitter, good for someone who wants to highlight without making a fuss.

nyx swatch

NYX Born to Glow Illuminator in Gleam

4.) Trust Fund Beauty Liquid Lipstick in K, Bye: Β A mousse-y liquid lipstick from a cruelty-free brand, the full size (8 mL?*) retails for $22 USD. I was very pleasantly surprised by this shade, I thought it would be too cool-toned for me but it pulls more neutral on me. It’s described as a mauve nude** but on me it looks like a muted rose pink with an undercurrent of plum. Not at all what I was expecting from the tube. The formula is really creamy and never really dries down, it’s not transfer proof at all. That being said I actually really like this product. It’s very moisturizing and the color lasts a long time on my lips, about 4-6 hours. It didn’t bleed out of my lip line; it does leave a stain behind when it wears away.

*Again, could not find measurement on brand’s website, took it instead from the Ipsy website because I am pretty sure the sample is full size, too. Trust Fund Beauty nail polish samples are always full sized.
**The mauve nude color description for K, Bye comes from Ipsy’s website, Trust Fund Beauty’s website describes it as “dusty dessert rose, with a hint of brown”. Yes, that typo is really on their site. I don’t find either color description accurate so….

lip swatch

5.) Sally’s BoxΒ Secret Garden Ampoule Masks: Two Korean two-step face sheet masks, Olive Oil/Camellia Oil. So far I’ve only tried the olive oil mask and I LOVED it. It left my skin feeling soooo baby soft, I actually think I’m going to purchase these. I have oily-combination skin and these weren’t oily in the slightest, or overly hydrating. The little ampoule in the first step is plenty for your full face and the sheet mask in step two stays on very well. The mask seriously covers your entire face, it even extended into my hairline and covered about half of my upper lip. Way to cover your bases, Sally. The mask is super drenched in goo but oh, that goo. It has a very slight olive oil scent to it, which I found pleasing.

face mask

Friday the 13th vibes, amirite? Also LOL @ my 1 painted nail.

I’m in love with this mask so I’m gonna keep going. The packaging is super cute, and feels sturdy and secure. I like that the two steps are conveniently together and the packaging rips nicely, which is great when you’ve got them sticky fingers. The instructions are in English on the back as well, thankfully. I would have had no idea what to do otherwise (what internet?).

mask front

Side note: Could not find any info regarding whether or not this brand is cruelty-free.

mask back

Okay, so maybe you scrolled past the majority of this picture heavy post and want a TL;DR version?

1.) Stay away. // 2.) Eh, pass. // 3.) Good for beginners, simple & affordable. // 4.) Doesn’t dry down but super creamy and longlasting. // 5.) LOVE, buying a 3 pack rn.

The first 4 products reviewed are cruelty-free.

I really loved this month’s bag design but wish 1 side wasn’t completely plain. What gives, Michelle Phan?

smiling samples

Using the eyeliner on my lower lashline only, the highlight on my cheeks, and the liquid lipstick.

august side glance

Side view trying to capture the subtle glow from the NYX Born to Glow.

sample smile

Trust Fund Beauty Liquid Lipstick in K, Bye

So what did you think of this month’s Ipsy bag? Love or hate this month’s theme? Did we get any of the same samples? Let me know in the comments below! πŸ™‚

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