Colourpop Fall Releases: Ultra Matte Lip & Super Shock Shadows Review + Swatches

Hello, everyone! If you read my last Colourpop post, I said I wouldn’t be buying anything Colourpop until they released a new lip product…cue to their September weekly fall releases and I’m weak in the knees. I caved the first week when they released the terracotta edit and I saw what seemed like the world’s most perfect burnt orange. I picked up said shade and two eyeshadows, so lets get swatchin’!


Love Bug Ultra Matte Lip, Bae (L) and Stereo (R) Super Shock Shadow

Technically, I only have one of their fall releases. The Ultra Matte liquid lipstick in the shade Love Bug, which was actually a special limited release back during their Labor Day sale but let’s be real, Colourpop usually brings them back “by popular demand”. Love Bug is a limited edition rerelease part of the Terracotta collection of the Fall edit. It appears to be a burnt pumpkin color in the tube. I bought it hoping it would be a dupe for the KathleenLights x Ofra liquid lipstick inΒ Miami Fever, but it’s not. Love Bug is much darker than Miami Fever. I would describe the color as more burnt umber than burnt pumpkin. I still really dig this color, I think it’s perfect for fall as it still has a hint of orange to it.


From my IG: Colourpop Love Bug, Essie Playing Koi

However, I hate this formula. It’s different to the formula of the other Ultra Mattes that I’ve tried (Bumble & Sundae*). It glides on smoothly and super-pigmented, but it has a slightly thicker consistency. It felt like it dried down a little bit faster. The true downside of this product is how it feels and wears on the lips.Β Love Bug is super drying on the lips, its very uncomfortable to wear. You know how krazy glue feels when it dries on your skin? All taut and slightly stretched, that’s how Love Bug feels. For me, after about 30 minutes it started to crack and flake. You can kind of see in the photo below that it cracked in a sort of pleated look. It is long-lasting and smudge-proof like the rest of the Ultra Mattes. I love this color so I’ve been wearing it under clear lip gloss, it looks and feels better but it does lose the matte finish and transfer-proof quality. I hope they reformulate this shade because it’s a beautiful color with a heinous formula.

*Sundae is a discontinued shade.

Colourpop Love Bug Ultra Matte Lip over lip balm.

Moving onto the eyeshadows, both are from their metallic range and have glitter in them. They are both supposed to be duo chrome shadows but Bae is the only one that I would say is duo chrome. I always use my fingers to apply Colourpop shadows, it’s just what works best with most of their formulas. Both shades have to be built up a certain way so the finish really shows up, a swipe or two provides more of a sheer wash of color.


Bae (L) & Stereo (R)

Stereo is a relaunch for fall, it was previously part of the fall 2015 Back to the 90s collection. It was discontinued sometime earlier this but it’s been brought back for a limited time. Stereo is described as a “blackened burgundy with copper and pink violet duo chrome glitter”. Y’all, this is a just a metallic blackened burgundy. I would not call this duo chrome at all, the glitter is so fine and barely noticeable. It’s just a light pink glitter, it does blend away and cause fallout. It’s easy to build up. I love how this looks on my brown eyes, I still recommend this shadow and I would probably repurchase it as it’s a unique color to my collection. Just be wary that it’s not duo chrome, there is some glitter fallout, and it may pull brown on your coloring.


Colourpop Stereo Super Shock Shadow


Colourpop Stereo swatch (ft. chipped nail polish).


Stereo on my lids and blended into the crease by itself.

Bae is not part of any of the fall releases, I’ve just been wanting to pick this shade up and thought it would look cute for fall. Bae is described as a “rich eggplant purple with an emerald and turquoise glittery duo chrome”. I’ve seen a lot of people compare Bae to Urban Decay Lounge and I disagree, Lounge has a much more green flash on a browner base. Bae is totally a must have for every brown-eyed gal, the turquoise flash really accentuates them. It’s a little bit more work to build up Bae, the glitter placement can be a little finicky trying to get it to show the duo chrome quality. I still recommend this shade, I don’t mind the 5 seconds more it takes to work with.


Colourpop Bae Super Shock Shadow


I was trying to show how similar the flash in Bae looked to my nail polish (Julep Aquarius) but photographing duo chromes is a skill I have yet to acquire.


Colourpop Bae in all its duo chrome goodness.


Love Bug Ultra Matte Lip (LE) $6

Pros: richly pigmented, smudge/transfer-proof, true matte finish

Cons: extremely drying, cracks, flakes, darker than expected

Stereo Super Shock Metallic Shadow (LE) $5

Pros: true metallic finish, easy to build up, unique coloring

Cons: not duo chrome, glitter fallout

Bae Super Shock Metallic Shadow (Permanent) $5

Pros: vivid turquoise flash, blends nicely

Cons: more work to apply, glitter fallout

Colourpop has released 22 limited edition products as part of their fall edit.


Any shades calling your name? Love the new color story releases? Excited for fall makeup? Let me know in the comments below!

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