5 Fall Nail Polishes

Hello, everyone! I have not been posting as much because I’m in my yearly fall funk, you can read about how I’ve been dealing with it here. Anyway, now that the fall season is coming to an end, here are some of my favorite fall shades I have to wedge into the last real month of autumn.


L to R: Color Club, Essie, Pixi Beauty, China Glaze, Aila Cosmetics

Don’t you love how two of these are basically the same color, just different finishes?


Color Club Je Ne Sais Quoi

1.) Color Club Je Ne Sais Quoi: A beautiful mustard yellow creme. Took 3 coats to even out streaks, I still think it’s worth it as it’s a fairly unique color.


Essie Playing Koi

2.) Essie Playing Koi: A burnt pumpkin creme. Part of the Fall 2016 LE collection, it’s a beautiful color. It reminds me of piles of leaves and pumpkin pie. ❤️


Pixi Beauty Olive Gold

3.) Pixi Beauty Olive Gold:  A slightly metallic olive green with a gold sheen. I love how ‘lit from within’ this color looks.  The formula is a little hard to work with, it doesn’t build well.


China Glaze Soft Sienna Silks

4.) China Glaze Soft Sienna Silks: A warm metallic copper. This formula is super thin and easy to work with, a solid two-coater. Like having pennies on your fingertips.


Aila Cosmetics Mister Pookies

5.) Aila Cosmetics Mister Pookies: A blackened cool plum. A moodier, sexier color for fall. It’s super shiny and 8-free.


I’ve managed to wear almost all of these this fall season, I’m hoping to squeeze in Je Ne Sais Quoi and Mister Pookies before December rolls around. That’s when all the glitters and metallics come out to play! (Except I actually rock those year round….).

What are your favorite fall polishes? Did any of these catch your eye? Let me know in the comments below! Help me build my nail polish horde even more.


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