In the Dressing Room: Lovesick

Y’all, Lovesick is closing. It might be temporary but as of now, there is no certain set date for their (potential) return. I’m so sad, I’ve barely had the chance to buy anything from them! I just made an order online, but I thought I’d post these photos from my very first Lovesick trip a couple months ago. As a short plus-sized person, it’s often hard to picture what clothing will look like on me when the model is a tall, amazonian warrior woman and I look like a rolypoly. I hope this helps someone out, rolypoly or not. The bralettes are still available, but the other items might be buried in clearance in-store only. Either way, if you haven’t taken the plunge yet, get yourself over to their website and buy something!


I wear a size 14 in bottoms and a 1X in tops. I can sometimes fit into L/XL straight-sized clothing, depending on the fabric or cut. I am apple-shaped, I carry most of my weight in my belly, thighs and upper arms. I am 5′ 2″ and have a short torso. I wear a 36 DDD.


Sweater: H&M Divided size medium (it’s supposed to be oversized) Β  Β Jeans: size 16, the legs are very baggy but the waist fits comfortably

In this photo, I was a bit heavier than I am now. Size 14 fit correctly on my legs but too tight in the belly so I’m wearing size 16 jeans. Now I can fit comfortably into a size 14 and 1X sits right on my belly and arms.



Lovesick racerback bralette in size 1

This bralette fit really nicely, it was comfortable and secure. The longline part didn’t roll up while moving around and my chest didn’t look too low.


Lovesick racerback bralette in size 1

The only problem I had with it was how low it went down on my back, it almost felt like a crop top. I feel like with jeans that aren’t so high-waisted in the back this will actually be comfortable. I was definitely interested in buying this one.


Lovesick halter bralette in size 1

I had some trouble finding the right size in this bralette. Size 1 felt too loose, too big, and unsupportive. It didn’t feel like it fit right on my torso, the cups were really low and made my boobs look like sad little mounds on my chest. The halter strap was too long so it didn’t pull them up to a normal height.


Lovesick halter bralette in size 1

The back was loose and shifted around as I moved, it offered no support. It also felt too low on my back.


Lovesick halter bralette in size 0

The next size down was sold out in black so I tried on the cream version. The band felt like it was sitting correctly on my torso, it wasn’t loose and felt like it would actually have supported my boobs if the rest had fit right. This halter strap was shorter but still didn’t fit my body. The cups were still way too roomy on me, you can see where the bottom part of my breast is and how far down the cups go.


Lovesick halter bralette in size 0

From the side, you can really see how empty the bottom of the cup is on me. The top of my thumbnail is where the top of the band starts on the front of the bralette. You can also see that the band isn’t too snug, it fits just right.


Lovesick halter bralette in size 00

Lastly, I tried the 00 on for size. The cups fit perfectly, the halter was lifting me up nicely. I wasn’t spilling out of the cup and my boobs were being held at a good height for my torso.


Lovesick halter bralette in size 00

The band was definitely cutting into me and spotlighting my back fat. It rolled up in the front and pinched in the back.

If you have a short torso and carry most of your weight in your mid-section, this bralette is probably not for you. Keep looking for that elusive one.



Lovesick lace up shirt in size 1

I picked this shirt up because I wanted to run with the trendy lace up look and had yet to see it in my size. That’s what I love about Lovesick, that they make actually fashionable, trendy clothing! I liked how the sleeves fit, the stretch of the material was really flattering to them.


Close up of the shirt + top of halter bra

I ended up getting this shirt and while I really like it, the rivets came out after 2 washes so either baby your clothes or be wary. Honestly, I should probably baby my clothes more, I just throw everything in the wash and hope for the best.


Lovesick cutout t-shirt in size 1

I didn’t like this shirt, it was too drapey and tent-like. It was just a weird cut on me. I liked how the sleeves fit and the placement of the cutouts, I’d never seen dainty cutouts there.


This shirt just made me look bigger than I am. A-line shirts are very hit or miss for me.



Lovesick mauve dress in size 1

This dress was huge one me. It was the very first item I picked out to try on, I loved the color. Nothing about this dress was right on me; it was too long, too loose, too wide.


showing where my waist actually is

These were all the items I tried on a few months ago, I put off trying their jeans and bottoms until I had more money and now they’re closing. Thankfully I have more spendable money now so I can try a few other items in their range until they possibly go away forever. Why does this always happen? I did end up being two shirts this trip, I just can’t find pictures of the other shirt. It was a striped jersey t-shirt, it was very cute and gave me 70s vibes so I had to snatch it up. I’m going to try and go to the physical store near me one last time but in the mean time, I’m super excited for my order to come in.

Have you tried Lovesick? Are you upset that they’re closing? Let me know in the comments below! 😊

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